Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Leopard non-news

Right now, where I'm doing my thesis research, I'm using a Mac to work. My professor is used to one, and as he gave me my computer, I learnt to use one to.

The Tiger was easy to learn, though a bit awkward at first, having the min/max/close buttons at the window's top left corner. And then knowing that applications have their files bundled together and installed into an applications folder, and discovering a good object dock and that marvellous thing called Exposé.

Some day later I read a way to install the x86 version of Tiger on a regular PC, and so it did. It worked like a charm (my PC had a Geforce video card and an Atlhon 64 with SSE3), and I played with it for a while. Then I got bored and deleted it deciding that if I should part from Windows some day, I'd go to Linux instead.

As a few days ago Leopard was released, I downloaded it (ehem) just to have a look at it and its new features. But I just got lazy, asking myself, why spend a lot of time reinstalling Tiger and then upgrading to Leopard (following several boring commands) when I will surely delete it some time afterwards? So I decided not to install it and have a look at Gutsy Gibbon instead when I can find some time.

And about those similarities between Mac OS X and Vista... well, I think it's ok to copy a feature from another OS if it's a good and useful one.

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