Sunday, November 4, 2007


If I had to work in an OS, I'd choose to work in filesystems and I/O. I think there so much to improve in that department. I hate when there's a lot of I/O trashing and page swapping in Windows.

Sometimes I look for new stuff like the ZFS, or new methods of journalling and those dancing trees. They seem interesting. I SHOULD become part of some open source project involved with filesystems... but right now I don't have much free time to do that.

I'm looking forward to those new solid state disks (or at least hybrid disks). I wonder if there will be a new file system to use their advantages? Seems that the Wikipedia article about file systems has some info about this, and a link to Log-structured file system

I'll try to research about the new Transactional NTFS and see if it has some worth that isn't available in Linux.

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