Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

I'm attending this online course at Coursera. Even though I knew a bit about Python, I wanted to polish my skills. It is a bit weird because I haven't had to use Python for any work nor for college, so I'm not that familiar with the language. People say it's really easy to use and can be used as a teaching language. I know that it is widely used in the scientific community, and that Google promotes it as well.

So, back to this course, I have to say the introductory part of the title is quite correct. Being a seasoned developer, I find it easy as they don't only teach you Python, but programming language techniques too, like loop or object oriented classes. They built and use CodeSkulptor, an online IDE where you can write Python code and it executes it. It uses a subset of Python 2, and a custom library for GUI programming.

Still, the teachers are quite funny and each mini project is a game, which is cool. (Mental note, take more AI classes).

Sad thing, at this same time I'm also learning another language which I'm feeling way more passionate about: Scala.

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Andrew Boyd Music said...

Thanks, I'm about to take the programming course on Coursera (python) You are the first person I have heard mention scala.
I will look into it as well.