Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And what about Project Management?

Related to my previous post in which I expressed my desire to learn more "theory" about Java, I know that not only the path of the good developer is in front of me, but also the path of a good manager as well. Two sides of the same coin? The need to learn about resources and human skills ?
I know I have to do it, I think it's important for my career to learn it and if possible to be one. Some jobs have a mixed role between tech leaders, project leaders, project managers and such. Others don't.
In contrast to Java, this will be almost theory with no practice (Hello? Does anyone want to hire me as a manager? I know I can do it). Well, I do have certain background when I was leader at some projects for college, but that's the tip of the iceberg.

Some of the texts I'm going to read are:

  • Project Management Body of Knowledge
  • Behind Closed Doors - Secrets of Great Management
  • Some book about Agile. Not sure which one yet.
Yay! I think the book I bought about artificial intelligence featuring agents, backtracking, neural networks, markov chains, bayesian network and such won't be opened for a while. And this reminds me that I should keep more handy the book I used at college about algorithms and graph theory. That stuff is always useful (is it?)

Now for a poll! What's cooler: project management or artificial intelligence?

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